DADS (David & Daughters) Carpet Cleaning

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"Normal" Carpet cleaning process:

In theory, the more soap and water you use... the cleaner the carpet will be. In reality, too much soap and/or too much water will harm your carpet. If carpet is not thoroughly and properly cleaned and then thoroughly and properly rinsed, more harm than good will be done.

Many companies attempt to clean with a quick 1-step method. They spray on hot soapy water and vacuum it up at the same time. This quick-clean method, while very time efficient, does your carpet no favors. The water sinks to the lowest level, pulling the dirt and soapy residue down to the base of the carpet. Your carpets will appear clean, when in fact they are still very dirty. As the carpet dries the dirt will rise back to the top and the soapy residue will simply attract dirt.

DADS "magic carpet" cleaning process:
Our "magic carpet" cleaning process will thoroughly clean and thoroughly rinse your carpet.
1) Carpet / fiber analysis. Analyze the carpet to select the best cleaning agent(s) for the carpet and any spots.
2) Spot identification. Identify and treat spots. This can mean the difference between removing the spot and setting it in permanently.
3) Raking (if needed). Raking the carpet will loosen embedded dirt and lift the nap to allow proper cleaning agent penetration.
4) Prevacuuming (if needed). Vacuuming removes dry particulate soil from the carpet to prevent the dry dirt from turning to a sticky substance once topical solutions are applied. With the prevacuum, we can also more easily identify any stains.
5) Preconditioner. Spray on a preconditioner, which suspends the dirt and grime and maximizes soil removal.
6) Hot water rinse. The carpet is completely rinsed out with just hot clear water and a powerful extraction process.
7) Re-extract. Go over the carpet again with the high-powered extraction process to extract all the excess moisture.
8)Rake carpet (if needed). Use a carpet rake to rake the carpet. This will lift up the nap of the carpet and reduce drying time.

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